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Areas of Work

VeVe Group offers extensive spectrum of services in the areas of energy, environment (engineering & management) and tourism - providing local capacity building focused on IPA applications in compliance with relevant EU directives.

About our Company

Since 1994, as leading regional consulting and business group, VeVe provides consulting services in the region, with focus in fields such as: Energy, Infrastructure, Environment, Socio Economic Development, and Structural Funds in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. Composed of a mixed team of regional and local employees, VeVe Group provides advice and consultancy services along the whole project cycle to private companies/Investors and government institutions. It is specialized in provision of technical assistance services under public contracts, investment advisory, advice on Mergers & Acquisitions and general business consulting to SMEs and larger companies active in the region. Furthermore, it provides services to existing clients in the field of Public Relations, Logistics, Procurement and Support with the state administration on procedural matters.

Our History and Milestones

  • 1990's

    The Company was born

    Beginning of democratic processes, pluralism era and liberalization of markets has opened the new opportunities for business sector. Company has registered as VeVe Group in Zagreb Croatia. Loyalty card business was the first business activity of VeVe Group. 1991 – Was the year when VeVe Group was exploring the possible expansion on the Albanian market lead by founder of the company Mr. Vebi Velija and his personal attachment to the country He felt a moral obligation to support further development of the country and was seeking the way to introduce his contribution in the underdeveloped and exhausted economic environment.

  • 1994- 1997

    Phase one expansion

    During the 90’s VeVe Group stared expanding in fields such as consulting, oil studies and exploitation, telecommunication, tobacco production, business advising which consequently led to VeVe building a largest business office center in Tirana in 1994. Company is undertaking a lead in regional consulting and business services.

  • 1997- 2000

    Transition phase

    After the civil unrest in Albania in 1997 the business suffered decline so that in 2000’s to rise and to grow. As part of VeVe group ALSAT Satellite Television has been born in Albanian language for the selected audience of 10 mil viewers in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

  • 2004

    Phase two expansion during 2000’s

    Establishing the VeVe offices in Skopje the heart of Macedonian capital. VeVe Macedonia has successfully negotiated several contracts with Macedonia’s Government and Municipalities in road infrastructure, energy supply, environment, socio-economic development, transport as well as developing the country’s tourist potential. Four years after the ALSAT has been established as result of expanding the network ALSAT M will be founded in Macedonia.

  • 2012

    Phase three expansion

    Due to growing business demands and client’s expressed interest VeVe established a representation office in Kosovo.

  • 2015

    The Company today

    The company is continuing to successfully provide consulting and business advisory services covering the region with focus fields such as: energy, infrastructure, environment, socio-economic development and Structural funds in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. Composed of mixed team of local and regional employees and experts it continues to provide the services in field of public relations, logistics, procurement and support with state administration on procedural matters.

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Ferik Velija

CEO of VEVE Group

[email protected]
+389 (0) 2 329 0364

Graduated from the University of Zagreb in International Trade, Ferik has almost two decades of managerial experience on a broad range of subjects. Global and regional market development strategies, international relations, media and PR, investment advisory, are some of the core fields he has been involved since 1992. Working mainly in a developing business environment, above all market obstacles of the region, he has managed to keep the company on the top, by involving the right team for the right goal. As a member of Vienna Economic Forum and Friends of Europe, he brings international experience for solving many regional/local concerns.

Aleksandar Ivanovski

Managing Director, Macedonia

[email protected]
+389 72 205184

While working for VEVE Group Macedonia Aleksandar Ivanovski was involved in L&SME; development, investment advisory, environmental and energy policies.
His past working experience for the last 15 years in some of the most highly regarded local companies like EVN Macedonia, largest country electricity distributor and in Idea Plus one of the best recognized marketing communication agency have helped him gain an in-depth expertise of these policy fields as well as a sound experience in the corporate business policies and in depth media expertise. His current responsibilities are set but not limited to:

  • Coordinate the operation of VEVE Group Macedonia, including supervising, controlling and ensuring the quality of the consulting activities of VEVE Group Macedonia and Kosovo
  • Overall client relations of VEVE Group, with focus oninvestment promotion of infrastructure projects in Macedonia and Kosovo
  • Controlling and ensuring the quality of the consulting activities of VEVE Group Macedonia
  • Preparation of investment and business plans for large, middle and small companies
  • Preparation and development of business start up strategies and market entry research surveys
  • Marketing and advertising activities coordination at AlSat-M, VEVE Group daughter company

Ilir Londo

Managing director, Albania

[email protected]

Ilir is an economist with almost two decades of extensive managerial work experience, both, as a company representative and client side project management consultant. During 19 years at VEVE, he has helped enable Albania’s trade development via liaison between investors, being private companies or foreign government entities, donors and beneficiaries.

  • Oil sector seismic and drilling project as Kanina and Palokastra (OMW company 2001)
  • Water sector restructuring - WT/L 220 kV Elbasan 1-2 (Dalekovod d.o.o., Croatia and VEVE Group 2000-2001)
  • RES development and investments in hydro-energy (Devolli Hydro Power project 2006-2012)
  • RES development and investments in hydro-energy(Skavica HPP 2008-2009)
  • Investments in hydro energy (HPP Ashta 2007-2014)

Bul Salihu

Managing Director, Kosovo

[email protected]

Buli is a well-known Kosovo journalists, joined VeVe in 2005 as Managing Director for VEVE Group Kosovo. He was one of the founders of “Express” daily newspaper (2004). He has worked as a senior writer for main papers in Prishtina.In 2004 graduated in Political Science and Public Administration and got his Master in Civil Society and Local Development in University of Prishtina. His activities include:

  • Making efforts to establish sound relations between theClient on one side and the Kosovo authorities in sectors related to PR, energy, mining and infrastructure
  • Providing consulting services to the Client on legal actions and procedures necessary in terms of application for and issuing of all authorizations, licenses, permissions and other documentation necessary
  • Assisting the Client in the preparation of necessary documents in connection with the awarding and completing of a specific project
  • Assisting the Client in legal issues, and periodically informing the Client on laws and regulations applicable in a relevant country as well as on any amendments to the same that may affect projects maintained as such
  • Assisting the Client in maintaining negotiations with local players for efficient and economic implementation

Merita Maksuti

Program Manager, Macedonia

[email protected]
+389 (0) 2 329 0364

Merita is an architect and urban planner with extensive experience in designing of residential facilities and managing small infrastructure projects. During the professional experience of almost 15 years she was involved in different national and international development projects, designing, reconstructing, managing, supervising and teaching. Her experience include a vast number of project implemented within UN system (UNDP), USG funded projects where she developed a numerous project on local level targeting municipal capacity building components and economic development through infrastructure development . Since February 2015 she is VeVe Group program staff. She acquired her Master Degree in Urban Planning, Edward.J. Bloustein School for Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. She is a Fulbright Alumni.

Zana Velija

‎Project Development Manager, Macedonia

[email protected]
+389 (0) 2 329 0364

Zana specializes in International Studies and holds MSc in PublicSector Management. Her six years of experience with VEVE Group includes working mainly on donor funded projects such as EU, World Bank, EBRD, KFW; focusing on local and regional development, institutional capacity building both at local and central level, socio-economic development and infrastructure capital investments.Management and development of project applications and bids for international calls, management and networking with the international, regional and local consultancies, negotiation of consortia with international and local partners as well as personnel communications, comprise some of daily activities at VEVE Group.

Dragan Zdraveski

Finance Director, Macedonia

[email protected]
+389 (0) 2 329 0364

Dragan is an economist with an extensive experience in field of finances, accounting and planning. Since 2005 he is within the company and has contributed its high professional enhancement. His professional activities involve:

  • Development of investment and business plans for big companies including SMEs
  • Development of economic part of feasibility studies for hydro plant and windmills
  • Development of restructuring plans for companies with poor financial situation
  • Development of basic analysis of company balance and recommendations for its improvement
  • Managing the entire financial system within the company
  • Conducting company’s tax balances

Sasa Andrejcenko

Head of Engineering Department, Macedonia

[email protected]
+389 (0) 2 329 0364

Sasa has extensive experience for 10+ years in the civil engineering projects. His background is consisted of experience in structural engineering, as well as the water sector - linked with quantitative and qualitative research design, project and programme evaluation, feasibility studies, private sector development and project management.His involvement in the projects includes:

  • Preparation of Technical Documentation - FIDIC Contracts
  • Supervision activities of residential objects and industrial halls in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia
  • GIS Training delivery(including basic IT knowledge)to the employees from the Local Self Government Institutions in Macedonia
  • Master of Engineering Course in IHE (Institute for Hydraulical Engineering) Delft – Holland, specialization Hydroinformatics

Rigels Demiri

Client Director, Albania

[email protected]

Rigels has extensive 10 years professional experience in the mining engineering and management of projects within VeVe Group. Collaboration on several projects for the mines, energy and infrastructure in Albania. He has developed a fruitful collaboration with Mining Institute (ISTNP Minerals) and several foreign investors in Albania. His involvement in projects include:

  • Support the implementation of client project
  • Develop client relation to the existing clients
  • Clients support on supervision of technical and engineering and all issues related to Albanian authorities in sectors related to energy, mining, infrastructure, etc.
  • Technical or engineering issues in Albania
  • Supervise, coordinate, control and ensure the quality the consulting activities
  • License and permits
  • Ensure full compliance to the Health and Safety Regulation, code of conduct and compliance and ethical standards of Company