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Regional Economic Development - Kosovo

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Again in its capacity as the technical arm for consultancy services, VEVE has helped the municipalities develop common services, prepared project proposals to help them using as much as they could the funds for local economic development and regional cooperation as well as building capacities of the municipalities.

Sustainable economic development

of Municipality of Decan by increasing the use of clean technologies (Renewable Energy Sources - RES and Energy Efficiency – EE practices)

Objectives of the action

Overall objective - To contribute to enabling environment for sustainable regional economic development through enhancing the use of RES, EE practices and clean technologies for small and medium sized businesses.
Specific objective(s) - To strengthen economic capacities of small farm and agribusiness holders and local self-government, and to help them expand by imposing lower energy costs and increased quality of products.

Target groups

Small and medium farm holders, agribusiness holders, local government representatives

Final beneficiaries

Small and medium sized business holders, farm holders, agribusiness holders, local governments, members of the business chambers, NGO’s, households, media.

Promote sustainable businesses

development in the Economic Region West Kosovo by introducing Public Private Partnership (PPP) and cooperatives among farmers

Objectives of the action

Overall objective(s) - To contribute to enabling economic development conditions in line with EU integration processes and best practices.
Specific objective(s) - Creating enabling environment for improvement of the business conditions in Economic Region West Kosovo and Municipality of Klina; Raised knowledge on EU agricultural policy on regional and national level; and To strength capacities of farmers and local stakeholders to develop PPP and cooperatives

Target groups

Farmers and farmers associations, Agribusiness entities

Final beneficiaries
  • Farmers and farmers associations;
  • Municipal staff
  • Agribusiness sector
  • Precondition: INSTAT data
  • Extension advisors
  • General public