Skavica HPP Black Drin River

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Skavica HPP Black Drin River

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Main objective of this project is preparation of the studies for optimal solution on Skavica HPP on Black Drin River.

Our services provided:

  • Data mining
  • Preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment EIA study
  • Preparation of the Social Impact Assessment SIA study
  • Preparation of the hydrology study
  • Preparation of the geological and geotechnical study
  • Preparation of the topography in the project area
  • Preparation of the road studyy
  • Preparation of the study on derivation channel of Bushtrica river to the Black Drin River (Skavica)
  • Public relation efforts

Project Details

  • Donor :EVN Macedonia
  • Client :STATKRAFT AG Norway
  • Team leader:SWECO Sweden
  • Budget :1.500.000 EUR