Improvement of Transmission Network in Kosovo

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Improvement of Transmission Network in Kosovo - Sector Programme IV and V

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Purpose of this project is the Improvement of Kosovo’s transmission network, optimizing the network operation conditions and providing reliable and a secure operation. The expansion and optimization of the 400kV and 110kV grid shall enhance the economic development of the country by securing the provision of electrical energy, increasing grid capacities as well in-crease cross border transmission and integration of Kosovo’s power transmission network with the neighboring countries.

Our services provided:

Our Consultants will assist the Project Executing Agency (PEA) in the following tasks related to Project Preparation phase (Phase A)

  • Development of PIU operating procedures;
  • Support during the procurement process;
  • Support during the evaluation process;
  • Support during contract finalization; as well in the tasks related to the Project implementation phase (Phase B)
  • Design and Procurement of Equipment;
  • Site supervision, monitoring and reporting;
  • Testing, Commissioning and Operational Acceptance;
  • Coordination and Supervision during the Defect Liability Period (DLP) of Works Contract;
  • Environmental and Social Action Plan;
  • Knowledge transfer to KOSTT
  • Project completion report.

Project Details

  • Client :Kosovo Transmission System              Operator (KOSTT)
  • Donor :KfW Bank (Germany)
  • Category :Energy
  • Budget :2.100.000 EUR
  • Region :Kosovo