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Sustainable regional economical development

of South Kosovo through professional Wine Culture Tourism Development (Kosovo)
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In order to make a maximum use of potential existing tourism there is a need of support and cooperation between the local authorities and private sector. Lack of factors like: professional tourism development strategies, human resource capabilities, financial resources and innovative technologies make these potentials even more useless.
In order to boost tourism sector, it is essential to increase the quality of existing tourism potentials and to set up the right organizational structure and put them into function. Developing a regional Wine Association will bring the wine producers closer to the local government institutions by sharing information and will create a sustainable basis for wine tourism development. The municipalities of South Kosovo have realized, that the development of Wine tourism offers great opportunities for regional economic development. However this requires exact information on the current situation to identify the strength and weaknesses. On the basic of this research we can identify the best Wine Tourism Route opportunities. According to the current information and the state of the Wine Tourism potentials specific needs and activities shall be undertaken.

Project concept – main activities

  • Identification of Wine Route
  • Promotion of Wine Route;
  • Creation of Wine Association in Rahovec and Suhareka
  • Setting up a Tourism Working Group
  • Establishment of a small Winery
  • Education and trainings
  • Develop strategy for cross-border cooperation with neighbouring countries

Positive effects of a professional Wine tourism development

  • More money available through higher tax income
  • Support of a sustainable GDP growth through tourism development
  • Improvement of the overall economic situation

Benefits for the local population:

  • Stimulation of the labor market by creating new jobs
  • Ability to use the tourism infrastructure all year round
  • Better self-esteem by living in an area where others come for amusement
  • Better image as a tourism destination
  • More attractive for potential investors (also outside tourism industry)
  • Tourism has also a positive impact on security, environmental issues and general infrastructure

Project Details

  • Project timeframe:18 months
  • Budget :500.000 EUR
  • Region :Kosovo