Decon international, Consulectra and VEVE Group signed a contract with MEPSO

On 27 March, 2019 a consortium composed of Decon international, Consulectra and VEVE Group signed a contract with MEPSO in the amount of 1.804.085 EUR for consultancy services in the implementation of a 400 kV electricity interconnection transmission line between Macedonia and Albania and the construction of 110 kV substation in Ohrid.

The Project, with a total estimated cost of 49 million EUR, is financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and enables MEPSO to construct the Macedonian portion of the planned 400 kV cross-border electricity interconnection between North Macedonia and Albania, the first interconnection between the two countries, and the introduction of Smart Grid Efficiency Improvements in Macedonia’s electricity transmission infrastructure.

The Project, includes the following goods, works and services:

  • Construction of a new single circuit 400 kV overhead transmission (“OHTL”) line from the Bitola 2 Substation (“B2 SS”) to Ohrid Substation (“Ohrid SS”);
  • Construction of a new single circuit 400 kV OHTL from Ohrid substation to the connection point at the Macedonian – Albanian border;
  • Construction of a 400/110 kV substation in Ohrid;
  • Unbundling and construction of 110 kV connections;
  • Extension of the B2 Substation for new OHTL bay to Ohrid;
  • Implementation of Smart Grid Efficiency Components as (i) The upgrading of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA); (ii) Hardware and software for energy forecasting for renewable power plants; (iii) Automated Demand Response; (iv) Implementation of Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS); and (v) Study for the effects of Plug-in Electrics Vehicles (PEV) on the Transmission Grid in Macedonia

The Consortium, which VEVE Group is member of, is envisaged to provide consultancy services and support in the:

  1. Finalization of the technical documentation,
  2. Procurement of contractors for the supply and installation of the equipment,
  3. Supervision and commissioning of construction works, and
  4. Implementation of smart grid improvements.

The Project is expected to last 42 months i.e. until July, 2022.