Areas of Work

VeVe Group offers extensive spectrum of services in the areas of energy, environment (engineering & management) and tourism – providing local capacity building focused on IPA applications in compliance with relevant EU directives.

Economic Development

At the heart of core activities of VEVE group was economic development and enhancement of economic growth in the region since the early nineties. Concentrated on promoting economic recovery programs mainly by attracting capital investments, VEVE group’s success was marked by attracting the biggest direct foreign capital investments in Albania and Macedonia in amount of 3.2 billion Euros since 1992. We have been amongst the first regional companies promoting SME development, undertaking enterprise privatization and restructuring at company level. Due to the growing business demands and the need for capable institutional level to carry out projects, in the last five years we have extended our services by concentrating in local development sector. Building up the capacities of a local area through providing technical assistance to the government institutions, regional and local development agencies and small businesses have marked our activities in this sphere. In order to boost economic development, it is essential to increase the quality of existing economic potentials and to set up the right organizational structure and put them into function. As one of the fastest growing economic sectors tourism is envisaged to take an important place in VeVe group’s activities , with particular accent on sustainable tourism with its three interconnected aspects: environmental, socio-cultural, and economic. Kohl & Partner is leading tourism consulting company in Austria, outside Austria Kohl & Partner established offices in eight other countries and is therefore one of the biggest companies with this specialization in Europe. Macedonian office was established in 2012 in partnership with VEVE Group.


  • Development of tourism development plans (tourism master plans), destination audits, hotel master plans and development of organizational structures
  • Development of tourism infrastructure facilities – concept development, feasibility studies, operator selection and optimization concepts
  • Comprehensive know-how about hotel development and hotel operations
  • Media and PR support


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