Ashta Hydropower Plant, Drin River

ESIA study – Ashta Hydropower Plant, Drin River

Funded by: VERBUND AG Austria

Client: VERBUND AG Austria

Overall project value: 400.000 €

Country: Albania

Implementing period: 01/2009 – 12/2010


Detailed description of project

The project company “Energji Ashta” is a 50/50 joint venture between Verbund and EVN, constructing a world innovation in Albania: the largest matrix power plant using small turbines. Hydropower plant Ashta is erected in northern Albania, close to Shkoder, the country’s fourth-largest town.

In the process, innovative measures are being taken on the River Drin: Hydro-Matrix technology (a small turbine the size of a telephone box) enables an especially efficient utilization of water. In future, 240 million kWh of electricity will be produced in Ashta. In this way, 100,000 Albanian households can be supplied with electricity.


Type of services provided

  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study;
  • Preparation of Social Impact Assessment study;
  • Technical aspects of infrastructure project with focus on licensing and all planning aspects under Albanian zoning law;
  • Technical study of dam Spathara strength;
  • Data mining;
  • Land expropriation plan;
  • Analysis and monitoring of the permitting status,
  • Support to the collection of permits and authorizations necessary for Project development, construction and commissioning;
  • Examination of the existing permits for the local use of water resources that may affect the technical requirements, Project timeline and bankability;
  • Project risk analysis, including approaches for mitigating technical and operational risks, delays, government approval/permitting issues, off-take agreement, cost overrun, management and financial risks
  • Support in public relations.