Reference No. 7

Kosovo Transmission Development Project – Consultant for the Project Preparation Support

Funded by: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Client: Kosovo Transmission System Operator (KOSTT)

Implementing partners: MVV Decon (Germany)

Overall project value: 159.700 €

Country: Kosovo

Implementing period: 08/2015 – 03/2016


Detailed description of project

The project has the main objective is to provide organisational and technical assistance to KOSTT (“the Client”) to ensure the successful completion of the Bank funded Project in accordance with the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) and with the Bank’s requirements stipulated in the Loan Agreement.

The Consultant will prepare for KOSTT the tender dossier, including all technical specifications for the contracts under the Project; will assist KOSTT during the tender evaluation and contracting of the following components of the investment project to be financed by the Bank (as a part of KOSTT’s ongoing programme of the transmission network development):


1) Construction of a new 110 kV substation at Mitrovica (Mitrovica 2) & associated 110 kV transmission lines;

2) Construction of a new 220 kV substation Drenasi & associated transmission lines and new 110 kV transmission line, SS Rahoveci – SS Theranda;

3) Construction of a new 110 kV substation Fushe Kosova & associated transmission lines and a new 110 kV substation Pristina 6 (GIS type) & 110 kV underground transmission cables


Type of services provided


Task 1: Development of PIU operating procedures

  • Project Implementation Plan (PIP);
  • Administrative procedures;
  • The project implementation schedule;
  • The monitoring and quality assurance procedures.

Task 2: Support during the procurement process

The technical approach is based on the following key factors and preconditions:

  1. a) Erection of new substations and substation extension projects need a detailed, careful and comprehensive site inspection.
  2. b) A scope of work can only be defined in close cooperation with client’s staff, i. e. specialists and operational staff c) All necessary steps for an Environmental and Social Impact Analysis (ESIA) and the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) will be considered during the planning phase of the transmission line and substation works to respond to local regulations and requirements and international practices.
  3. d) Tender documents prepared in a clear and comprehensive manner that

The preparation the Environmental and Social Impact Analysis (ESIA) and the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) are integral components of the project

Task 3: Support during the evaluation process

Stage 1: Evaluation of Post Qualification Documents

Stage 2: Technical Evaluation

Stage 3: Financial Evaluation of bids

Task 4: Support during contract finalization