Areas of Work

VeVe Group offers extensive spectrum of services in the areas of energy, environment (engineering & management) and tourism – providing local capacity building focused on IPA applications in compliance with relevant EU directives.


  • Power plants

We have specialised in generating electricity using hydropower and conventional power plants. Our services range from feasibility studies through to final commissioning, including all relevant disciplines: process engineering, mechanics, electrics, control and environmental technology.Transmission & distribution

A further area of expertise involves the customised planning, construction and extension/modernisation of transmission and distribution grids. We also provide engineering services for substations and switching stations at all voltage levels, including transformer stations, protection and control systems to energy utilities and industry both in Germany and abroad.

  • Grid planning

Taking due account of the various factors and parameters involved, our team of design engineers analyse different voltage networks, develop options and concepts for grid extensions, plan network unbundling and dismantling measures.

  • Renewable energies

Renewable energy sources such as wind, biomass and solar energy form a key component of our portfolio. Our goal is to enhance and further develop this aspect of energy providing.

  • Energy efficiency

Increased energy efficiency plays a decisive role in securing the energy supply for the future. We offer all-round advice when it comes to recording and analysing the entire energy network with the aim of putting energy resources to economical, environmentally-friendly use.

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