Boskov Most HPP


The overall objective of the project is: Technical Due Diligence to the Tender Documentation for construction of Boskov Most Hydro Power Project. The existing studies and design documentation for the Project were reviewed, provided upon the start of the consultancy assignment.

The standards applied to the assessment of this information were: Macedonian law, European Union (EU) requirements, relevant international standards and recommendations, including those of ENTSO-E.

Our services provided:

  • Permits and authorizations – provision of the permitting status, the list of permits and authorizations required for the Project development, construction and commissioning; examination of the existing permits for the local use of water resources may jeopardize the Project and affect the technical requirements, Project timeline and bankability
  • Project risk analysis – technical and operational risks, delays, government approval/permitting issues, off-take agreement, cost overrun, management and financial risks

Project Details

  • Client :ELEM Macedonia
  • Partners :POYRY AT
  • Category :Energy
  • Budget :200.000 EUR
  • Region :Macedonia