Reference No. 12

Construction and supervision of sewerage system village Ozurmishte, Municiplity of Zhelino

Funded by: Municiplity of Zhelino

Client: Municiplity of Zhelino

Implementing partners: Pro-Engineering

Overall project value: 255,163 €

Country: Macedonia

Implementing period: 01.08.2014 – 01.11.2014


Detailed description of project

The main works construction and supervision of sewerage system, execution and placement of 126 sewerage shaft  ;

L = 2920m F200mm HDPE SN8, L = 1302m F250mm HDPE SN8,

L = 556 m F315mm HDPE SN8, F1000 mm


Type of services provided

  • Health and safety control
  • Compliance with environmental protection requirements;
  • Supervision of the construction works