Waste Management of Southern Coast of Albania

Waste Management of Southern Coast of Albania

Funded by: World Bank

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Albania

Implementing partners: Denkstatt Austria

Overall project value: 70.000 €

Country: Albania

Implementing period: 05/2011 – 09/2012



Detailed description of project

Overall objective: Transaction Advisory Services for concluding organizational, legal and financial arrangements for waste management including a Regional Landfill facility, transfer station and transportation services for municipal solid waste management between participating municipalities and communes in the Southern Coast in Albania.

The objective of the assignment is to assist the Government of Albania (GoA) represented by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Project Coordination Unit) to define the performance standards for commercial operation of the Landfill, to advise on the options for operation and the management of the Landfill including appropriate contractual arrangements, to conclude the service level agreements between the participating municipalities and communes, to advise on the tariff setting and the collection of gate fees for the operations, as well as on ownership arrangements and/or transfer of assets.


Type of services provided

  • Revision of the detailed design;
  • Revision of the waste management report and the draft articles of association which were based on the Korca Agreement, their status of implementation and presentation of a detailed implementation plan;
  • Definition of performance standards for the operation and maintenance of the Landfill, Transfer Station and transportation operations;
  • Assist the stakeholders in evaluating the following items:
  • Establish the demand for and level of interest in the use of the new waste management facilities (i.e. the landfill and the transfer station) – local government bodies;
  • Define and specify the requirements for the establishment of a municipal company (owned by one or more municipalities) within Albanian corporate law, including performance and maintenance requirements, incentives and compliance requirements, oversight responsibilities from Quark and Ministry, and detailed training programs;
  • Tariff setting for the operation and management of the landfill, transfer station and transportation services, including mechanisms to ensure collection of “gate fee”
  • Enforcement of tariff payment and/or waste disposal obligations