Support to the public administration reform process

Support to the public administration reform process (EuropeAid/136632/DH/SER/XK)

Funded by: European Union (IPA)

Client: Ministry of Public Administration, Kosovo

Implementing partners: Lattanzio (Italy), Particip (Germany)

Overall project value: 1 598 000 €

Country: Kosovo

Implementing period: 05/2017 – 09/2019


Detailed description of project

This project has been financed by the EU, and its purpose is to improve the provision of administrative services to citizens and business through supporting implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedures (LGAP) and by providing technical assistance to strengthen the regulatory and operational framework of Kosovo’s institution for administrative services. The Objective is to achieve effective and efficient public administration, capable of implementing principles of good administration and contributing to fulfilment of SAA obligations well established.

The Project activities are structured into 5 components, as follows:

  1. Strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) to implement the overall public administration reform agenda.
  2. Establish a strategic framework and implementation guidelines on the administrative service delivery and simplification of the administrative procedure.
  3. Establish coordination mechanisms within the MPA, development of its monitoring capacities and modernization of administrative service delivery.
  4. Development and delivery of training programs for MPA and other public administration institutions to implement the LGAP.
  5. Development and implementation of awareness raising campaigns on the public service modernization and the new administrative procedures.


Type of services provided

  • Capacity Building to the Ministry of Public Administration in the establishment of a Monitoring and Evaluation System
  • Support in legal drafting: Law on Civil Service, Law on Salaries and Law on Organization of Public Administration,
  • Comprehensive legal analysis of special administrative procedures and proposals for changes,
  • Development of a strategic framework on the administrative service delivery and administrative procedure,
  • Development of guidelines and manuals for the implementation of the Law on the General Administrative Procedure,
  • Support to the Ministry of Public Administration, the Ministry of Local Governance and other relevant institutions in the implementation of the administrative services portal,
  • Design and implementation of a communication campaign on Public Sector modernization and Administrative procedure law for public administration bodies,
  • Support to civil society organizations, business organizations, professional associations and specialized economic chambers to ensure their involvement and capacity development for the new general and special administrative procedures.