MEPSO: Macedonia – Albania High Voltage Electricity Transmission, Phase 1

MEPSO: Macedonia – Albania High Voltage Electricity Transmission, Phase 1

Funded by: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Client: Macedonian Electricity Transmission System Operator  (MEPSO)

Implementing partners: Decon (Germany), Consulectra (Germany)

Overall project value: 1.804.085 €

Country: Macedonia

Implementing period: 01/2019 – 12/2022


Detailed description of project

The Macedonian Electricity Transmission System Operator (MEPSO) received a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and grant funds provided by Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF) and Luxemburg to implement a high violate (400 kV) electricity transmission line between Macedonia and Albania.

The Project seeks to support MEPSO in the construction of the Macedonian portion of the planned 400 kV cross-border electricity interconnection with Albania, the first interconnection between the two countries, and the introduction of Smart Grid Efficiency Improvements to the MEPSO’s infrastructure. The Project will provide crucial cross-border infrastructure, delivering transition impact through the expansion of competitive market interactions and setting standards for corporate governance and business conduct.

The Project has a total estimated cost of about EUR 49 million and includes the supply and installation of equipment, implementation of works and provision of services as follows:

  • Construction of a new single circuit 400 kV overhead transmission (“OHTL”) line from the Bitola 2 Substation (“B2 SS”) to Ohrid Substation (“Ohrid SS”);
  • Construction of a new single circuit 400 kV OHTL from Ohrid substation to the connection point at the Macedonian – Albanian border;
  • Construction of a 400/110 kV substation in Ohrid;
  • Unbundling and construction of 110 kV connections;
  • Extension of the B2 Substation for new OHTL bay to Ohrid;
  • Implementation of Smart Grid Efficiency Components as (i) The upgrading of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA); (ii) Hardware and software for energy forecasting for renewable power plants; (iii) Automated Demand Response; (iv) Implementation of Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS); and (v) Study for the effects of Plug-in Electrics Vehicles (PEV) on the Transmission Grid in Macedonia;
  • Project management services.


Type of services provided

TASK I. Project Preparation Phase

  • Development of PIU operating procedures
  • Support during the procurement process in accordance with EBRD rules
  • Support during the bids evaluation process
  • Support during contract finalization


TASK II. Project Implementation Phase

  • Preparation of technical documentation and specifications and technical design of equipment;
  • Site supervision, monitoring and reporting;
  • Health and safety supervision;
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study;
  • Preparation of Social Impact Assessment study;
  • Testing, commissioning and operational acceptance of equipment and plant;
  • Project Completion report.


TASK III. Smart Grid

  • Commissioning and Operational Acceptance
  • Environmental and Social Action Plan
  • Knowledge transfer to Client